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E-mail newsletters are hotter than ever!



They are a great extension to your business communication tool kit and offer an excellent channel to reach existing and potential customers, helping build trust, relationships and reputation.

But beware – they must be done well or you could do more harm than good!

If the information you send it not viewed as helpful, informative or useful then it’s a nuisance and we all know what happpens to these messages – they get sent striaght to the trash. How many e-mails have you condemed today?

Thankfully, as with most things – you have a choice….

You can use one of the many do-it-yourself providers and get lost in a world of templates and sameness. Cheap – yes, but cost isn’t the same as value and you tie up valuble time doing something that isn’t a core skill or function. This can lead to dissatisfaction, frustration, irregularity and eventually to pulling the plug on the whole sorry episode – it may have already happened!

Or you can use a professional service that takes care of the design, delivery and feedback, allowing you to get on with your job safe in the knowledge that your brand and reputation is being protected and promoted in the right way through imaginative creative and thoughtful content management.

With Monkey Mail you get a fully managed, personal service that keeps you informed and involved every step of the way.

Simple pricing


*minumum of 6 months  – including design, content management, delivery and reporting.

Only pay once the design has been agreed, plus we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied with our service – brilliant!

Helpful info….

If you have a specific question about direct marketing, our services or would just like some advice about what would suit your business, please let us know either via the contact page or give us a ring on 0191 256 6122 - it would be great to hear from you because we just love to help and make a difference.

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