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E-mail marketing has become a vital tool for businesses that want to send regular marketing messages. The initial attractions are obvious – it’s fast and cheap. But that’s not all – e-mail marketing offers sophisticated opportunities to target messages to the right people at the right time and bring in serious business.

E-mail marketing can be a cheap, efficient and effective marketing tool, but only when done well. As Elvis sang – “you’re always on my mind” and through regular contact with your customers and prospects you can stay at the forefront of their minds, so when they are ready to buy it’s you they contact.

Simple, Effective, Professional, Personal and Ethical

Monkey Mail’s e-mail marketing service allows you to send marketing messages quickly, simply and securely. We Manage your whole campaign from concept through to tracking the results.

Our service includes:

  • Presenting your message
  • Offer a call to action
  • Sending & targeting
  • White flag (opt in) transmissions
  • Business to business unsolicited
  • Analysis & statistics
  • Trigger mail & list filtering

Things to consider….

Is the message right?

Monkey Mail provide all the advice you need to ensure your e-mail marketing campaign is sucessful. E-mail is a very personal form of one-to-one communication and has its own rules that are different to ‘paper’ direct mail. We ensure your message is right for e-mail and that it is pitched right for your target audience.

Is the design right?

However strong your message, good presentation and technical expertise are essential if you are to make the most of your e-mail marketing campaign. A great e-mail design is important – it needs to catch the eye of the recipient and intrigue them enough to take action. However, even the most fantastic design will fall short of expectations if no one sees it, so we make sure that e-mails are designed and produced so they get opened, read and clicked on.

Is it done right?

At Monkey Mail we believe in ethical marketing so all our campaigns are permission based, have a straight forward ‘unsubscribe’ process and registrations have double opt in confirmation– this ensures that you are only contacting those people who want to hear from you, which protects your brand and reputation.

Sending and Tracking



Unlike Monty Python – we DO NOT like spam-a-lot or even a little bit!

A lack of anti-spam compliance and poor tracking can ruin an e-mail marketing campaign. Our rigourous data cleansing process and anti-spam protection will ensure that your e-mail gets through and you can rest assurred that your campaign is being managed professionally and ethically.

Monkey Mail can provide you with an online facility to track your campaigns in real time so that you will be able to see how your email campaign is taking effect. Trigger mail will allow you to present further information automatically to those recipients who have opened you message:

Information available:

  • Delivered / Undelivered
  • Bounced
  • Not Opened
  • Click through (and to which page(s))
  • Unsubscribe
  • Complaints
  • Share / forwarding & social share

The good thing is unlike a mailshot an e-shot tells you so much more about who is looking and not buying….yet!


Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy…

Delivering e-mails can be a tough job. Things to consider include the subject line, how to structure copy and code e-mails, do you want a campaign specific landing page and a user registration process to help build a database etc, etc, etc….

With our wealth of direct marketing experience Monkey Mail can produce bespoke campaigns that deliver the goods.

Simple pricing

We are able to offer competitve rates on one off campaigns or provide a  subscription if you are mailing monthly. All packages include: Campaign Consultation & Objectives, Bespoke Design, Receipt / Spam Testing, Activity Report / Analytics and feedback.

  • from £149 for one campaign
  • from £249 for two campaigns
  • from £449 for four campaigns

Prices are based on the following considerations.

Size of campaign,  regularity of mailings, design & creativity required, providing or requiring data.

Only pay once the design has been agreed, plus we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied with our service – brilliant!

Helpful info….

If you have a specific question about direct marketing, our services or would just like some advice about what would suit your business, please let us know either via the contact page or give us a ring on 0191 256 6122 - it would be great to hear from you because we just love to help and make a difference.

To show we care and receive our free guide giving 10 ways to improve your e-mail campaign, please just contact us and put ‘e-mail marketing’ in the subject box.



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