Simple, effective direct marketing designed to boost your business
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Welcome to Monkey Mail

Simple, effective direct marketing designed to boost your business.

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A personal service you can trust, because it’s not about numbers – it’s about results and peace of mind!

At Monkey Mail our aim is to make accessing direct marketing as simple and straight forward as possible from small businesses to large businesses – public or private, we have the program that will encourage communication, generate sales, customers and profit for your company.

We provide full campaign management with dedicated personal and professional service, which means you can relax because we are there with you every step of the way.

The digital revolution has given birth to a new profile of customer that are always connected and better informed. Customers have higher expectations with a world of choice to fulfil them and are therefore harder to retain and even more difficult to acquire.

What we think this statement means is that the world is getting more and more hectic and people have less time to assess information and make decisions so it is vitally important that you get the right message to right person at the right time in the right way and that’s where we can help.

Rest easy – we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied with our service – brilliant!

Have faith in experience….

We believe that integrated marketing (surface-mail & e-mail combined) if done consistently, accurately and with care and precision is the most cost effective method of getting your message across.

With our wealth of direct marketing experience Monkey Mail can produce bespoke campaigns that deliver the goods.

Supercharge your responses

Experience and many case studues have shown that the greatest returns happen when you turbo boost your campaign through integrating different channels and giving access to further information. Monkey Mail provides a range of different services including:

E-mail Marketing

As a stand alone activity, a follow up or pre-mail e-mail can make all the difference to your direct marketing campaign and the ability to send your message quickly with full tracking stats allows you the best use of your budget at the best possible price.

Direct Mail

Whether you need a personalised postcard, letter or a complex mail pack, Monkey Mail provide a fully managed service from print to post including advice on pack specification and the most efficient and effective postal routes.


If done by a professional telesales company who understands your mailing objectives it is still one of the best ways of ensuring your campaign is a sucess. We have an experienced telemarketing team ready and waiting for your requirements.

Helpful info….

If you have a specific question about direct marketing, our services or would just like some advice about what would suit your business, please get in touch either via the contact page or give us a ring on 0191 256 6122 – it would be great to hear from you because we just love to help and make a difference.

To show we care and receive a copy of our free report on the advantages of multi channel marketing, please just contact us and put ‘multi channel’ in the subject box.

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